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E3M TECHNOLOGIES is the official distributor in America of an exclusive product; Cuir Casteigt, a natural salmon leather. An exceptional eco-responsible leather, part of a circular economy.

Our founder, Christian Martin, has chosen to start a business with Jean Marc Casteigt, a man determined to reduce his ecological footprint. Accompanied by engineers, Mr. Casteigt thinked and designed a benzopyrene filtration system for his smokehouse. As for the tanning of his marine leather, salmon skins are revalorized after smoking and tanned according to a patented process in France and Europe known as “Metal Free”.

The skins recycled and transformed by the Maison Casteigt become a material of high quality, flexible and aesthetic.

Thanks to E3M TECHNOLOGIES impeccable customer service, you will be able to purchase and market this exceptional product: Cuir Casteigt salmon leather .

Natural salmon leather

the eco-responsible alternative to exotic leather

Natural salmon leather Cuir Casteigt meets all industry standards. It is one of the most resistant leathers in the world, eight times more than crocodile leather and as resistant as bovine leather. Also, no bad smell emanates from this natural salmon leather, only the charming fragrances of a high-end leather. Its exotic look makes it the eco-responsible alternative of choice to pythons, crocodiles, lizards and alligator leathers.

The qualities of Cuir Casteigt

With larger skins than the competition, 5-6kg fish are usually used, only fish over 8kg are chosen for tanning. Our leather allows designers to imagine products and accessories with a minimum of welds. Access to the colour of the Pantone range. Five finishings, Mirror, Reflex, Crystal, Ocean and Candle. These are aspects that make it a rare and versatile product that can be used in leather goods, in the manufacture of shoes, clothing, furniture and decorative elements, as Christophe Fey does.

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Cuir Casteigt
made in Quebec

E3M Technologies wants to push back the barriers of innovation and sustainable development. We want to contribute to a greener planet for future generations.

A plant will open in the Quebec City area as soon as possible to collect salmon skins from various companies that process them. The same patented process “Metal free” by Cuir Casteigt will be used to produce our luxurious natural salmon leather.

In addition to creating jobs, we will recycle a significant source of waste. Indeed, while for the majority of exotic leathers the animals are used only for their skins, we revalorize the skins of salmon raised for food.

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E3M Technologies is an
integral part of its community

We contribute with 1% of our revenues to organizations that help
young people with addiction disorders.